You will find below the information concerning the daily fishing reservations procedure

In these unusual circumstances, we take your health, safety and comfort to heart and pay the same attention to our team.

We have worked hard to put in place measures that will be important for everyone’s well-being.

We are counting on you and your participation because health and safety is everyone’s business!

Daily fishing reservation procedure:

The rate is $ 98 + tx per adult and includes the fishing right with 10 trouts limit, boat, electric motor and batteries.

It’s free for children under 4

5 to 11 years old 10$

12 to 17 years old half-price

who’s fishing on parent’s licence

You’ll have a dedicated boat for the day and you must only touch it.

Life jacket: you must bring your life jackets. If you don’t have one, you can rent one for $ 5 and they are disinfected after use.

Fishing license: You must first obtain your fishing license before.

For booking, we require a 40% deposit on credit card or by interac transfer. You can do it by phone or email from 8am to 4pm.

Make sure no one in your group / family has symptoms of COVID-19

(fever, cough, or difficulty breathing). If so, this person and anyone else who has been in

contact with her recently CANNOT come to the outfitter.

On the spot :

Always observe the 2m distance with employees and other customers.

No direct contact (shaking hands, braces, etc.).

Respect opening hours: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Wash your hands upon arrival.

Respect the reception instructions: Only one (1) customer at the reception. You have to wear a mask. The reception bathroom is accessible and is disinfected regularly.

only one group at a time on the dock

The evisceration station is open, it’s one group at a time and you have to bring your knife and provide a cooler for your catch.


Thank you for your collaboration, we look forward to seeing you soon