Procedures implemented at the Pourvoirie du Lac Berval for health and safety in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

We have worked hard to put in place various measures that will be important for everyone’s well-being.
In these most unusual circumstances,  your health, safety and comfort  is important for us and we pay the same attention to our employees.

We are counting on you and your participation because health and safety is everyone’s business!

-Mandatory reservation

-Limit of customers on the site

-Sending by email security measures on the site

– No customer or employee with symptoms of COVID-19 is authorized on the site.

– Employee training

-Signaling instructions on the site.

– social distancing (2 meters – 6 feet 6 at all times)

– hand washing

-Limit access to reception, only 1 person at a time. You have to wear a mask.

Installation of hand disinfection station 

-Frequent cleaning (2 to 4 hours or depending on traffic) of the bathroom, the door handles and door of the bathroom and reception.

*Plan that you will have to dress in your car as there is no place inside the reception.( daily ice fishing)


For cabin accommodation:

In addition to the usual cleaning that we normally do after each stay, we disinfect the chalet

We pay particular attention to the door and window handle, framing and door, switch, lamp, table, fireplace.

In the bedrooms, we installed mattress covers and an antimicrobial waterproof pillow. We apply a disinfectant there after each stay as well as on the curtains.

The bathroom is disinfected as usual, shower, sink, faucet, toilet are cleaned and disinfected. Just like the door, handle, switch, hand soap dispenser, mirror and toilet paper holder. We provide brown paper and hand soap. The shower curtains of the regular chalets is changed at each stay.

éfor the kitchen, as usual, the counters, sink, faucet, furniture, fridge, oven, and small appliances are washed and disinfected. We wash all the dishes, utensils and cookware. We had to remove the excess in the cupboards in order to complete this task within a reasonable time. The oven mitts are also changed at each stay.

The maintenance team uses products recognized by Health Canada and wears personal protective equipment (visor, mask)

This is constantly evolving in order to better adapt and according to the recommendations of Public Health