Here are some advice for summer speckled and rainbow trout fishing.

 More precisely for July and August when the water temperature is warmer

It is important to know that trout are sensitive to heat and during hot weather they will take refuge in the cooler areas of the lake. That is about 20 feet (6 m) deep and even at the bottom. Here is the bathymetric map of the lake to help you.

For the assembly of a classic line, we will use a lure a little heavier than we use in spring (Toronto Wobbler or Clear Wobbler) we will add a small pinched weight on the line. The leader will be approximately 30 inches.

Clear WobblerCuillères Toronto Wobbler

there’s to way to attract trout :   by letting the lure down beyond 20 feet. Or by making a small movement back and forth to raise and lower the lure in the 20-foot zone.

For fly flyers, it is possible to use a lead line leaving a hundred feet long behind the boat so that the fly stalls 15 to 20 feet while letting the motor move slowly.

There are no colors or lures to favor, it is better to have a few different accessories to increase the chances of success. If a lure does not work after 1 hour, change the color or type of lure.

Pay attention to the small movement of your rod. Sometimes trout just come and tease you, biting just a little bit of your worm ?. Early morning and late afternoon are prime times for fishing. Noon time, when it’s the hottest of the day, take the opportunity to have a little picnic, take a swim or a nap.

Berckley’s Atomic Teaser and Power Nymph are also popular on the lake.

Be open to new techniques, because even if a certain technique will work in another lake or on another day it might not work today …

Finally, do not hesitate to ask us for advice at the reception. We can give you advice adapted to the weather of the day and according to the results of the last days.

Rainbow trout 8pounds 12onces catch June 16 2018.


The biggest catch of 2019, 7.4 pounds !!