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Ice Fishing Advice from Mathieu Dansereau
21 February 2018

Following his visit to the Pourvoirie du Lac Berval last winter, Mahtieu Dansereau shared his advice that we are sharing again this year because it is still relevant.

Mathieu Dansereau is a great fishing enthusiast but also a Prostaff for Vexilar, Northland Fishing Tackle and Okuma fishing USA. In addition, he is a member of Team Canada Pro but also of the show Pêche en Ligne.

Mathieu Dansereau
February 7th · 2017


Trout is one of the favorite species of Quebecers. For the quality of its fishing, its warm welcome and the kindness of its staff, for the past 2 years I have been going to Pourvoirie Du Lac Berval, a place where rainbow and speckled trout are present. Many people ask me with which lure I fish or which sector we fish… here is a turnkey solution, which I hope will improve your next trout fishing trip. Note that it’s small details can also make the difference on your favorite lake.


Where to fish?

Regardless of the bodies of water, if you want to be successful in fishing, you must always favor structures. Considering that outfitting lakes are very rarely mapped via mobile applications, we must therefore use what we notice visually. Spikes, submerged trees, beaver lodges, river inlets, under docks and rock cliffs are all favorable environments for hopeful success.
Logically, if you notice a restricted fishing area with several of these environments grouped together, it’s a safe bet that a good concentration of fish is lurking around.


Jig or fleece?

I always use both for trout fishing. For several reasons, I always use as much line as I can. So if industry regulations allow 5 lines per permit, I strategically install 4 poles and use my waddle rod to reach the maximum.

It is important to cover as much territory as possible, this way you can target which sectors pay the most and thus readjust the positioning of your lines accordingly.

Trout swim most of the time in suspension; in winter I prioritize the first 1/3 of the water column directly under the ice, it is in these depths that I have had the most success. Do not be afraid either to settle as little as 6 inches below the icy surface. With different lines to install at different depths, you will quickly be able to target the “paturn” of the moment in order to readjust the rest of your installation.


What lure used?

The trout’s diet varies according to its size, but in general: plankton, crustaceans, insects, slugs, leeches and small fish are among its food choices. It is therefore strategic to choose a lure in order to imitate their food chains as much as possible. Over time, I noticed that lures with pink were very effective and stood out from other colors.


My favorite lures…



* Larva fly Northland – Pink rainbow – 1/50oz







* Fire-fly jig Northland – Pink / White – 1/32oz





A small addition that makes a huge difference, the Pheromox from the Monette farm are EXCELLENT. But very important, to only apply a light layer on your lures to have the most realism possible.

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