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Prepare for the Fishing Season
04 April 2024

The fishing season is fast approaching, and there’s nothing like being well prepared to fully enjoy it. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, here’s a practical guide to ensure you’re ready to cast your line.


Fishing Equipment Check: Ensure Proper Functioning

Before heading to the waters, a thorough check of your equipment is essential. Start by inspecting your fishing rod for any wear or damage. Equipment in good condition is crucial for a successful fishing experience. Also, check your stock of hooks, lines, weights, and spoons. Ensuring you have enough supplies and everything is in good condition can make the difference between a catch and a “the one that got away” story.


Fishing License: Validity and Online Acquisition

Did you know? You can get your fishing license online through the government’s “My Hunting and Fishing Account” platform.


Be ready for the upcoming season! Purchase your license in just a few clicks, whether you’re at home or near a body of water. Simply save it on your phone or print it out. And if it ever gets damaged or lost, no worries, you can easily reprint it!


My Hunting and Fishing Account


Fishing Tackle Box Cleaning: Organize for Better Fishing

A well-organized tackle box is synonymous with a more enjoyable and efficient fishing experience. Take the time to sort through your box, eliminating old scraps, rusty hooks, and any other items you no longer use. A thorough cleaning and meticulous organization of your gear will allow you to quickly find what you need, and focus on what really matters: fishing.

By following these simple but essential tips, you’ll be ready to make the most of the upcoming fishing season. Preparation, organization, and anticipation are the keys to a successful experience by the water. Happy fishing to all!


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