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Ice Fishing Tips & Advice
04 January 2024

Ice fishing at the outfitter is very popular during the winter season. We have compiled a list of essential tips and advice to increase your chances of success on your next fishing trip.


Different Ice Fishing Techniques


Jigging Rod

Outfitter’s Tip-up


Jig Ice Fishing

Ice fishing with a jig, also known as jigging, is an active technique that involves using a special lure called a jig. This type of fishing requires the fisherman to manually move the lure up and down, mimicking a natural movement to attract fish. This is usually done with a short rod specially designed for ice fishing, allowing the fisherman to precisely control the lure. This method is appreciated for its more engaged and dynamic approach, giving the fisherman the opportunity to experiment with different movements and depths to find what best attracts fish.


Tip-up Fishing

On the other hand, tip-up fishing is a more passive method. It involves using a tip-up rod, when a fish bites the bait, the tip-up tilts, signaling a catch. This technique allows fishermen to cover multiple locations simultaneously without having to actively monitor each line. Tip-up fishing is ideal for those who prefer a relaxed approach, allowing them to focus on other activities like socializing or even warming up in a fishing shelter, while waiting for the tip-up to indicate a catch.



  1. You are entitled to 5 holes and 5 tip-ups per right and fishing license.
  2. It is important to regularly check your holes and clear them of any ice accumulation to ensure the proper functioning of your tip-ups.
  3. Do not modify the outfitter’s tip-ups. If there is anything wrong with the equipment, you can simply ask one of the representatives on site and they can fix or replace the equipment if necessary.


Maximizing Your Chances of Success

  1. Winning Combination: Use both jigs and tip-ups for a more diversified approach. A popular method is to set up 4 tip-ups and jig on your 5th hole.
  2. Maximize Lines: Use the maximum number of lines allowed to increase your chances.
  3. Strategic Fishing Zone: Target the first third of the water column under the ice, a zone favored by trout in winter.



Whether you are a beginner or experienced fisherman, these tips will help you improve your ice fishing techniques and fully enjoy the unique experience offered by Pourvoirie Du Lac Berval. Prepare your lines, the winter adventure awaits you!


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